Chromojet - digital jet printing systems for:
Wall-to wall carpet
Rugs and mats
Logo and promotion mats
Bath mats and kitchen carpets
Carpet tiles
Fake fur and high pile products
Natural fur from sheep, cow, horse
Terry towels and terry products
Upholstery, corduroy,
Rotary screen printing machines:
high speed screen printing machines up to 5 m in width and up to 30 m/min in speed
Finishing and wet processing machines:
Steamer, washer, dryer
Colour and thickener preparation:
Colour kitchens
SupraMix dosing and mixing systems
Foam mixers and applicators:
SupraMix foam generators with integrated dosing units
Foam applicators
Backing lines for carpet:
backing lines for secondary backing and for gel-foam backing
Lab machines:
lab- printers, steamer, dryer
colour preparation systems, viscometer, weight scales; pH-meter

DDomotex Shanghai
11.-13. March 2008

Digital Fespa, Geneva, Swiss
1.-3. April 2008

ITMA, Shanghai
27.-31. July 2008

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Digital printing of natural fur from lamb, rabbit, cow, horse, ...
Short runs; exclusive designs; special repeats; full penetration or tip printing only - ChromoJet makes it possible

Natural fur printing is a piece-by -piece operation.
ChromoJet is the ideal printing machine to achieve sophisticated designs and high productivity.

Skins can either be put directly onto the conveyor belt of the printer or a transfer-plate is used. This plate can also be used to put the skin after printing into the steamer to fix the dye.

Fur Sheepskin02

ChromoJet-FP Fur Printer

  • no screens- highest flexibility at lowest down time - no minimum yardage
  • no limitation in repeats
  • full colour penetration or tip printing only
  • stocking of finished goods become unnecessary - print on order
  • little space for machinery needed
  • 8 colours at 32 jets per colour
  • 40-50 skins from sheep at 1-8 colours can be printed per hour
  • 80-90 skins from sheep at 1-4 colours can be printed per hour with double speed mode

Zimmer developed a special detection software which enables the following function:

  • The size and shape and position of the skin is detected automatically.
  • The design is printed exactly on the right position within the skin
  • Overprinting - can be controlled precisely (+/- 5 mm)
  • Total area of each skin is monitored

Download more information as PDF file:
Thumbs CHR-FP

The ChromoJet-FP will be distributed exclusively by Demaksan Deri Makinalari San..
Demaksan is a well known supplier of machinery for the tanning and fur industry. Demaksan is also providing the required equipment like steamer and dryer,
Contact Mr. Ylmaz Isbecer at:
Tel: +90 (232) 479 49 58;   Fax: +90 (232) 478 60 87